Downtown Erie Restaurants

Aug 12, 2020 | Denver Love

Y’all, I’m just going to say it. Downtown Erie is becoming one happening place! We’ve been residents of Erie for just about 2 weeks now, and we’ve explored so much already that our new town has to offer.

I still feel like downtown Erie, and just Erie in general, is a hidden gem. An old mining town, that is just on the front wave of it’s new chapter. Think Lafayette and Louisville, about 8-10 years ago. Erie has so many wonderful things to offer, and to see what’s starting to happen downtown is just….well, so fun to be apart of. And best of all, no traffic in downtown 🙂

If you’ve eaten at Community in Lafayette, you know how good the food (and atmosphere!) is, and what a fun local spot it is. The same people behind Community just opened a brand new restaurant in Erie and y’all, IT’S SO GOOD!

It’s called Birdhouse. And seriously, so fun and so good. Some friends had been before me, and raved about it, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. It’s strongly encouraged you make reservations beforehand on their website (here).

What makes Birdhouse so good? Well, the atmosphere for one. It’s cute, trendy, has an awesome patio, and rooftop patio as well! The food is even better. The menu consists of tacos of ramen…I know, odd combo, but it works, it works SO well. This will come as no shock to you, but I’ve stayed on the taco path and boy are they good. I’ve had the Carne Asada tacos and also the Al Pastor and both did not disappoint. The guacamole is a favorite as well.

I’ve now been two Birdhouse twice in one week (#hooked), and both times I went, the other people in my party have ordered the ramen and said it was some of the best ramen dishes they’ve ever had.

Let’s talk about the cocktails! Not only are they perfect addition to your meal, but the cups they are served in are pretty fun (there is a disclaimer on the menu that if the cups happen to disappear from your table, there is a $30 charge/cup. Apparently they are hot items!). The Dodo drink is my personal favorite, followed closely by the Arcari.

So, if you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, I encourage you to come explore downtown Erie and to checkout Birdhouse! I love that I’m just a golf cart ride away (or bike ride if I’m feeling ambitious), but seriously, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, Erie is SO fun and there is so much more to explore and see! You can be serenaded by the piano in the middle of the street. It’s #smalltownliving at it’s finest.

Some other fun Erie eateries:

And can’t forget our coffee, sweets and ice cream spots:




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