My weakness. Coffee. More specifically, vanilla lattes (grande skinny vanilla latte if we’re really getting technical!). I used to occasionally have a latte every few days, but ever since I had my second baby, these latte cravings have come on strong. Maybe it’s because I’m a working mother of two young kids? Probably, but whatever the case, I SO look forward to my *daily* skinny vanilla latte. Denver’s coffee scene has exploded over the last few years and has helped feed my daily obsession. I have my favorite, go-to spots in town, and I’ve been known to be seen at the local Starbucks drive-thru, too, but I love scoping out the local spots! just released their list of the Best Coffee in Every State. Say whaaat? Every state?! I already have my vacations planned for this year, and definitely plan to check out some of these spots.

Denver’s best coffee shop, according to, is Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters in Lakewood. And guess what–this is a place I haven’t checked out yet! I’m so excited to try this one and see what makes it “the best”.

“Wrapping your head around just how many roasters are doing good work in booming Denver right now could take a while—there’s Middle State, Corvus, Huckleberry, Commonwealth; Boulder’s got Ozo, and Boxcar, too. Andy Sprenger’s operation, however, an unlikely gem in the relatively unglamorous suburb of Lakewood, feels like the truest find, right now—Sprenger traveled the world, did time with Ceremony Coffee in Annapolis, and snagged his share of industry awards before returning home to start the business. Besides being a sought-after roaster, Sweet Bloom’s café serves as a much-welcomed third place for the neighborhood.” (

As a busy real estate agent, I’m rarely in the office. I’m out and about showing homes, and in between showing appointments, trying to find the best coffee shop to work from. Whether is just good coffee, or a “cute” setting, these are my top favorite coffee spots around town. With how much Denver is growing, I have so many new coffee shops on my list that I can’t wait to try!

My top coffee spots:

And, just because, a few more suggestions to add to your list of coffee places to try out!

Eater Denver’s: Ulitmate Guide to Denver’s Best, Buzzworthy Coffee Shops

What’s your favorite Denver coffee spot?

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