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Nov 9, 2020 | Interior Design, Watne Farm

Happy Monday! I started off the day with getting swabbed for Covid—ugh! I woke up with a cough, stuffy nose and slight soar throat. In order for Steve to be able to go back to work (and obviously for our own peace of mind!), I decided to head to the fire station and get swabbed. TEST WAS NEGATIVE! Just a seasonal cold. But good grief, is 2020 over yet?

On to bigger and better things–our ENTRY wall! Y’all, it looks so good. I wish pictures truly showed what it looked like, but here we are.

To refresh your memory, here are a few designs we were considering. SO many of you weighed in on social media. Our entry wall is SO BIG, so we really went back and forth with what would look right. I love the look of the plaid look, and Steve loved the modern lines of the bottom two options….

but ultimately we went with…..

THIS! You guys, I LOVE IT! I’m going for timeless and classic in our home, nothing too wild (although we do have some fun ideas up our sleeves of places in our home where we can go a little wild!).

When you walk in our front door, you see all the way down our entry hall into our dining room and living room. Those are both BIG spaces that we have some fun ideas for, so we really didn’t want to go too wild with our entry.

I love the way the wall turned out. And now I can’t wait to get it all styled! Not going to lie, I’m a little intimidated because of how large the entry is, but also pumped. Here are a few inspiration ideas:

It’s a simple, yet classic wall feature, but boy was it a process! We have that terrible texture on our walls that most builders put into new construction homes these days (you know, the cheap, easy to hide imperfection type!). Since I wanted only the vertical boards, Steve decided it would be best to skim coat the wall so all the texture would go away (I wish we could do that to every wall in our home, but Steve promised me that will NEVER happen!). Here are some before shots:

He first had to tape off the wall, and started getting to work. He did two coats of skim coating (letting each coat dry fully). After the 2nd coat, he sanded the whole wall. Although he did a really good job of trying to tape off our entry, our entire house was COVERED in dust-that was fun 🙂

After he sanded the wall, he did the final skim coating layer. And sanded again. (He hated that part!). It was then time to install the boards. He used these boards from Home Depot. After filling all the nail holes (and yet another round of sanding!) it was TIME TO PAINT! We used Simply White by Sherwin Williams.

Other materials he used:

We’d love to add beams around the doorway from our entry into our dining/family/kitchen area. I also go back and forth with a bench for the entry, or an entry table (I’m trying to convince Steve to MAKE us an entry table!), and I’d love to paint the inside of our front door black (or just get a whole new door, light brown, with a big window!), and some wood detail on the ceiling around the entry light. Stay tuned for more styling tips. Happy Monday!




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