Reflection and Looking Ahead

Jan 14, 2021 | Lifestyle, Musings, Real Estate, Watne Farm

Ok, ok, no one needs any reminders of what 2020 was–but guys, we made it! We survived! (Barely, but hey, I’ll take a win where I can get it!)

It was one of my most challenging years for work, for many reasons. In March, I decided to switch brokerages. I was at my old brokerage for almost 10 years, and they were like family to me (read more about that move here). BUT, I knew it was time for a change. And WHY not change companies in the middle of pandemic?! It’s always hard to be the “new kid on the block”, but hey, I was ready for the challenge. I forgot about everything I took for granted, and what I needed to learn new again. I’m so thankful for the opportunities at Compass Real Estate! 

As a family, we were able to shoot a “marketing video” for work …..that I think turned out pretty neat. Here’s the link to check it out! 

I had to set some major boundaries for myself with work. There was only so much of me to go around. Since I had taken on the new role of “Mrs. Watne, school teacher” on top of everything else, I could only take on so much. This led to some uncomfortable conversations for me (I’m a people pleaser at heart, and will always do everything I can for everyone else to make sure they are happy, sometimes putting myself last). But this year, I had no choice. I could only allow so many people in, and it had to be the right fit for BOTH parties, and if it wasn’t, it was best for us all to move on.

I cried. A lot.

But you know what, I’m SO thankful for the people that did allow me into their world and who helped me be a small chapter in their home buying (and selling!) process. I’ve been at this real estate gig for almost 12 years now, and have had the honor to know/meet some pretty incredible people. I’m looking forward to another year as a real estate agent in this crazy market! Excited to help more people buy, sell and invest in real estate!

We also SOLD OUR HOME AND MOVED TO A NEW HOME in 2020, because again—-why not?! Ha! We are the Watne’s and never do anything the easy way, but boy is it sure a fun journey.

While I learned a lot about myself in 2020, my boundaries, my limits and that people can handle a lot, but at the end of the day, I needed to focus on what was most important. With all our time at home, I had A LOT of time to self-reflect and focus on where I had been, and where I was going and what I was going to do with this one life I was given. (This also involved LOTS of “margarita nights” with our friends!) My top priority this year was obviously our health, but also making sure our mental game was good, too. I learned the true meaning of “it takes a village” to raise your family, and boy am I so so thankful for my village.

I learned that I LOVE helping people, and connecting people, and feeling like I belong to a community. I love pretty spaces, and imagining what a home could be. I love helping people buy and sell (and invest!) in real estate and truly making their house a home. I love spending time with my friends + family and being around the people who mean the most to me.

Many conversations with my best friend, and neighbor, led to some big goals and dreams. While I’ve thrown out a few teasers, I can’t wait to share more! It involves home decor, and making your space truly unique for you, and I promise, more to come soon. Having a space the community can come and gather at, shop, hang out, be involved.

Watne Farm! SO many projects we have up our sleeves. We stopped a lot of our projects over the holidays, but are ready to get things geared up again. We are in the thick of our dining room project. Steve is working on shiplapping the whole dining room. We’ll do some floating shelves, countertop and bar area in the nook, new *CUSTOM* chandelier by a dear friend, new rug and chairs and a few more touches. Since this room anchors our kitchen and family room, it’ll be a BIG statement room (insert nervous girl!).

Before (and it’s bad! But that means the after is going to BE SO GOOD!):

We finished our entry way! Steve did such an incredible job with the main wall. I’d really love to add a new front door, but that’s down the road.

We’re hoping to tackle my office, the playroom/loft area, and a few other smaller projects this year. We are enjoying living in our home and taking our time with how we want our home to look for a long time to come.

We already have one trip planned for Spring Break this year, and are hoping to add a few more. Our family thrives on travel and exploring, and last year really put a damper on that, so we’re hoping to be able to get out and explore more this year (safely, of course). With my new venture coming up, that will allow for more travel, too. Shopping Trips are now going to be a business expense 😉 We are currently working on finalizing everything with our legal team (I love saying that!), and starting to build out our website, and get our logo/branding go. SO MUCH FUN coming at you in the next few weeks!

I’m ready for you, 2021! Big changes, all things that have been on my heart for a long time. I’m excited to continue to help my network of home buyers and sellers continue on their real estate chapters. I’m excited for Lottie Lane and what this all means….and what we’ve been dreaming up in our heads for a long time now. I’m excited to focus on my family and making our home what we’ve always dreamed of including loving my people even harder…and making pretty spaces.







Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all things home in Denver. Buying, Selling, Investing, Decorating, and Design. Let me, and my team help you.


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