Life Lately // Two Months Living In Erie

Sep 24, 2020 | Musings, Real Estate, Watne Farm

Life Lately.

It’s been two months since our move to Erie and I get asked all the time “is Erie as much fun as you make it on social media”….and the answer is YES!

There were several reasons why we made the move to Erie (you can read more about that here), but one of the biggest reasons was to be closer to family and friends. As in, our best friends are less than a block away from us, and we have so many other wonderful friends and family close by, too. It really is a dream.

Our neighborhood, Colliers Hill, is typical suburbia. There are kids EVERYWHERE. Everyone is so dang friendly, and they all wave all.the.time. We have a community pool, that hosts food truck nights and events. We have parks everywhere. We can walk our dog at night and feel safe. Did I mention there are lot of kids? Because that’s one of the best parts-built in friends all over the place.

In the evenings, we sit out on the front porch and the kids ride their bikes in the cul-de-sac until it’s dark. And even at that point, we have to drag them inside. Ryker has a little buddy right next door, and they love to do bike tricks in the street. His other friend just across the street is just as obsessed with snakes as Ryker is….so there’s that. Friends everywhere! Kinley has her best friend since birth right out our back door. They literally can wave at each other from our homes.

We ride our bikes (or take the golf cart!) into downtown Erie all the time. Whether it’s for coffee at Fox Dog, dinner at Birdhouse, or just to take Ryker to pre-school, we LOVE that we live so close to downtown Erie. It’s our own little slice of small town USA. And it’s so fun to watch the growth of Erie. Our little downtown won’t be so little for long.

My best friend, lives just steps away from us. Our husbands are in the same line of work, so they are gone often (leaving us to hold down the forts, which for the most part, we handle just fine!). More nights than not, we’re doing dinner together at each other’s homes, letting the kids play, we drink wine and talk about our day (and let’s be honest, those big dreams we have!). It’s so fun to have someone so close to me who gets my schedule, my life, my kids, my dreams and we can share tears and laughter together. Mimosa Mondays are starting to become a thing around here 🙂

We have a group of girlfriends that are starting to get really close in the neighborhood. One is already setting up to host “Bachelor” nights at her house (I’m so pumped!). We meet others at the park for playdates, random pizza nights in the pocket park to support our school fundraisers, and everything in between. I love our little slice of suburban heaven.

I grew up in St. Louis for most of my childhood (Go Cards!) and the neighborhood we lived in reminds me of our new neighborhood. Kids all over the place, the school is close, kids play out in the streets until the sun goes down, everyone waves. And even to this day, some of those kids I grew up with are still my friends, although we are miles apart. I only hope our kids get to enjoy that truly special bond a neighborhood can offer.

I love that we’re closer to Boulder now. And I love that I can take the back roads from Erie to Boulder because the scenery is WAY prettier than I-25 into Denver. The farms along Valmont Road into Boulder are what farmhouse dreams are made of.

I love being closer to local farms. We can’t wait to explore more of those!

Our house is coming along and I pinch myself everyday that this is our new reality. We are knee deep in our backyard project but that should be done soon! My good friend (and fellow fire wife!) told me other day that our backyard is going to be the “neighborhood hangout for the kids” and all I could do is smile. Bring it on!

We have so many projects we want to do to our home, but we’ve decided to really take our time and do it all intentionally and create spaces we’ve always dreamed of. We literally move every 3 years (life of a realtor, #sorrynotsorry) but we TRULY see ourselves staying in this home for a long, long time.

If you’re considering a move, I highly recommend you look at Erie. Erie offers everything from suburban neighborhoods, to cute bungalows in downtown Erie, to beautiful (large!) new construction homes on land, big ranches and even plenty of attached-style homes for that low-maintenance lifestyle. Have more questions about real estate in Erie or the surrounding areas? I’m your girl!

So, is Erie all that I crack it up to be on social media? Yes, and so much more.




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