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Dec 18, 2019 | Interior Design, Renovations

I’m so excited to share our latest project in our dining room. Ever since we moved in to our home two years ago, we’ve been to figure out how to best utilize this space. It’s a big open room connecting the kitchen and family room, along with the hallway to our bedrooms. We use this space every. single. day.

Our BIG dream for this space was to create a bar area, so we could utilize more counter space, and of course have a cuter place to display our alcohol (c’mon, we’re busy, full-time working parents to two kids, both under the age of 8).

While this project has taken on many forms in our heads, we finally came up with an idea, that wasn’t going to cost a ton of money. Our family has decided this will not be our forever home, and a move is in the near future for us, so how do we make this space what we want, good for re-sale, and not break the bank to try earn our money back? For about $300 in materials, a couple long days, Steve finished the project and I think it really adds SO much to the space.

When thinking re-sale, you want the most bang for your buck. Feature walls like what we did are a BIG way to make a big impact, not spend a ton of money, and really add value to your home.

We have white walls in our home, with gray trim and gray interior doors. It’s A LOT OF WHITE, so we really wanted to add some depth and paint this wall to match our baseboards. I like the moody look.

Oh, and accent walls are definitely my jam. Not too much commitment to room decor, just one wall 🙂

Here are a few before pictures:

And now:




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