Hi and welcome! I can’t believe it, my very first blog post. This is only….10 years in the making. They say no time is as good as the present to go for it, right? Well, here. we. go. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m a full-time working mom to two beautiful kids, proud wife to my high school sweetheart and lover of all things home, and vanilla lattes. I am a real estate agent in Denver, have been since 2009. I was the rare breed who went to college and actually used my degree in my field! Proud CSU Ram, with a degree in real estate finance with an emphasis in investment finance. Sounds way fancier than real life, but looks good on paper.

While helping people along the journey to homeownership has been my driving passion for the past 9 years, I’ve also discovered my love for interiors. When I’m out looking at homes with my clients, and I see a cute home, I’m instantly drawn in. The colors, the textures, the layout, the architecture–give me all of it! My husband is the handiest guy I know, and helps all of my visions come to real life. We’ve discovered we have a real nitch for this, and have decided to start pursuing more home renovation projects.

We just bought a new home (more on that later!) and can’t wait to turn it into our own. Of course, documenting it all along the way. I needed a space for my creative outlet. With this blog, I hope to share with you the latest happenings of the real estate market in Denver (not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s crazy!) and some fun renovation projects along the way. I hope to showcase some of my favorite homes around town and my crazy design ideas that seem to never go away. I’m a real person, with real person problems. I hope this space can be an open and safe environment to be me, share stories together and of course, some pretty home pictures along the way.

When I’m not obsessing over homes for my clients (or myself!), I love to explore all that Denver has to offer. In addition to real estate happenings and renovation projects, I’ll share some of my favorite spots in the city. The majority will be coffee shops, but I’m a full-time working mom, I need all the coffee I can get! Welcome to this crazy ride with me. Cheers!

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Detached Garages // Sheds // Design Ideas

Detached Garages // Sheds // Design Ideas

When we purchased our current home, ONE of the factors that made us decide to move here was the HUUUUUUUGE detached garage my grandpa had built several years ago. There is an attached two car garage, but to have the detached garage space was just an added bonus. My...

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