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Aug 29, 2019 | Travel

You guys. Rosemary Beach was everything my beach-loving soul was looking for. Everything from the amazing architecture, food, views, beautiful water and the people–it was perfect.

We had so many people ask us why Rosemary Beach was our choice to visit. Well, it’s 2019, and I don’t want to lie, but I found it because of Instagram. That’s right. I’ve seen pictures and other people go there, through social media, so I added it to my list of places I wanted to visit and good lord, it did not disappoint. It also came highly recommended by several friends.

My sister and I were able to escape a few days away while our guys stayed home and took care of the kids. Pure bliss! We only had 4 short days away, so we had to make the most of it. We stayed in Rosemary Beach (at the most gorgeous hotel EVER), but 30A is so easily accessible. We were able to rent bikes for free through our Hotel, The Pearl, so we cruised most days by bike. There are so many cute beach towns all so close together.

On day 2, we decided to bike 5 miles to the Watersound Beach Club, and explore. It’s a private beach club, but we were able to get in for free because we were guests at The Pearl (win!). The beach club was PERFECT. Two restaurants, two pools, private beach access, a bar, a lazy river and a stunning setting. We cruised a couple of neighborhoods close by (always a realtor, even on vacation!) and quickly found out real estate is NOT cheap around there, but so pretty! Another perk to this day–our childhood friend from St. Louis, Ashley was able to drive down and meet us for the day! It was so much fun having her join on the 30A fun!

On our day of exploring by bike, we cruised through Aly’s Beach, and holy cow. The architecture is STUNNING and something you just don’t see everyday. Something straight out of a movie. ALL of the buildings (homes, businesses, etc) are ALL WHITE. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about all white, but it was almost too much. I have some pictures below. We had breakfast at Charlie’s Doughnuts, then decided to offset all the sugar by getting some fresh pressed juice at Raw and Juicy.

The Pearl has a private beach, so we ventured down there on day 3. The ocean in the gulf is so dreamy. Warm water, white sand, calm waters–just perfection everywhere you look. We walked down to Crabby Steve’s for lunch and had lunch overlooking the beach. Pina Coladas seemed to be my drink of choice all vacation — and I was not disappointed by that decision.

While we stayed in Rosemary Beach and spent a majority of our time there, but on the last night, we took an Uber ride down to Seaside and immediately fell in love. The Truman Show was filmed here and the setting is so gorgeous. Seaside was the original beach town on 30A. Seaside has a way more laid back feel and there were definitely more kids and families in this beach town. As soon as you get into town, there is a row of airstreams serving food (called Airstream Row, naturally), including our favorite, Five Daughters Bakery. So many cute shops and restaurants in Seaside! We had dinner at Bud & Alley’s and were able to score a spot on the rooftop overlooking the beach. We walked around town and had to try out frose’s at Great Southern! So. Good. Lots of cute shops, including our favorite, The Art of Simple.

I can’t leave out our favorite places in Rosemary Beach! I mentioned we stayed at The Pearl, and it was pure perfection. There are only two hotels in Rosemary Beach, one being The Pearl. Rumor on the street was that celebrities are known to stay there, too. While we didn’t see any, we were sure looking! We ate breakfast at Five Daughters Bakery and the food was so good, and healthy! Except the doughnut we had one morning, but YOLO.  I had the best coffee (all three mornings!) at Amavido Coffee, right in the downtown part of Rosemary Beach. One night was dinner at Pescado (dreamy view, even better food), then we also had dinner at Paradis, after a wine and cheese HH at Wild Olives Market (we were, truly, living our best life!).

As a recap, Rosemary Beach, and the rest of 30A, was everything we imagined, plus some. We would TOTALLY go back in a heartbeat. I was so glad my sister and I were able to sneak away for a few days, and enjoy this gulf area together. Can’t wait for more sister vacations!

Some of our other favorite spots are listed below!

Some of our favorite spots:


  • Airstream Row (Seaside)
  • La Cocina
  • Great Southern Care (Seaside)
  • George’s at Aly’s Beach
  • Bud and Alley’s (Seaside)
  • Black Bear Bread Company (Seaside)
  • Cowgirl Kitchen (Rosemary Beach)
  • Grits and Grind (Seacrest Beach)
  • Charlie’s Donut Truck (Aly’s Beach)
  • Amavida (Rosemary Beach and Seaside)
  • Costa Chica
  • Raw and Juicy (Aly’s Beach)
  • Pipers
  • Neat (Aly’s Beach)
  • Old Florida Fish House
  • Coast Creamery


  • The Hub
  • Willow Boutique (Rosemary Beach)
  • Alys Shoppe
  • Mercantile (Seaside)
  • Outpost (Inlet Beach)
  • Rosemary Beach Trading Company
  • Disco (Rosemary Beach)
  • The Art of Simple (Seaside)
  • Seaside Clothing

To Do

  • Watersound Beach Club
  • The Hub



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