I’m so excited for this one! This by far, has been the biggest transformation in our home.

The kitchen before was totally shut off to the rest of the home, walls everywhere, and just a really bad layout. We (Steve) re-worked the entire kitchen floor plan and we’re so excited to share it with you!

It’s crazy because although this kitchen is way smaller than our last kitchen, I feel like we have a ton more storage! I have empty cabinets, which I’ve NEVER had before. I love this layout and love our counter space, but I do miss our island. Our dining room is so close to the kitchen now, so we are all still together often, but I can’t wait for an island in my kitchen….one day.

Cosmetically. this kitchen was DRAMATICALLY changed. But also, the new layout made a huge difference. Where the old window sat (and where my grandma and grandpa would eat all their meals!), we completely took out and added a new window, higher up, so we could add countertop and cabinets below. Our sink now sits below the new window and I love being able to look out at the kids in the backyard playing. We also removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen. It’s amazing how removing one wall can make such an impact! We moved the fridge location, sink, dishwasher and stove locations. Steve basically had to re-work the entire layout.

Again, since this was going to be a flip home, we decided to do IKEA cabinets. We did have a custom cabinet maker come in, and loved what they had to offer, but the cost was literally double what we spent at IKEA. We were both a little hesitant at first, but have been more than impressed with the quality of the products. You can guess the only thing that sucks about IKEA cabinets–Steve had to put ALL of them together. I made a point to be nowhere near the home when that was happening (sorry, babe!).  We ended up purchasing all cabinets, countertops AND appliances through IKEA. We had so much fun going to IKEA to do the whole kitchen layout, several times of course. Many date nights at IKEA–we know how to party!

My grandparents did a “remodel” in 2002. I say “remodel” lightly. Oy! Here’s what it looked like in 2002:


Once we gutted it, and during renovation:


And, for what it looks like now! 

Some of my favorite things in our new kitchen:

  • Love the new window, with roman shade. I’m a sucker for buffalo check, and had this shade custom made through an Etsy shop. It turned out awesome! The window adds so much sunlight.
  • My farmhouse sink! I’ve always wanted one, and finally got it. It, too, is from IKEA
  • Coffee bar nook. We bought ourselves a coffee machine and needed a spot for it. We ended up making the perfect location for it!
  • Open shelves (made by Steve) and so. much. subway tile!





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