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Feb 18, 2019 | Musings, Travel

Hey, y’all! I feel like I can totally say that now with confidence, being that I’ve traveled to the south so much this past year, and am *basically* a resident. But, that’s for another topic on another day!

We got an invite for my uncle’s surprise 80th birthday party in Greenville, SC and immediately jumped at the opportunity to take a quick trip to South Carolina., Steve had to stay back and work, so the kids and I decided we would be up for the adventure.

I had never been to Greenville before, but have heard some really great things. Several articles noted that Greenville kept getting ranked on “top 10” lists for places to retire, places to raise your family, fastest growing cities, etc., so I knew we’d be up for a good time.

Greenville is about 3 hours away from one of my favorite cities of all time, Charleston, SC. I really wish we had more time this trip to take a day or two to explore, Charleston, but that’s definitely for next time!

My parents rented an adorable AirBnb just on the outskirts of downtown Greenville. The house was big enough to accommodate 5 adults and 3 kids–it was perfect!

We didn’t have a ton of time for exploring, but we were able to squeeze in a few fun things around the surprise 80th birthday party and all the fun festivities. The southern charm was full force in Greenville. I even commented several times to my family how nice people are–it really was so awesome and such a breath of fresh air.

Before I go to a new city, I always try to research some “hot spots” by checking out other blogs, websites and Instagram, of course. I had a list of places I wanted to see and explore, but also enjoyed just “going with the flow” and seeing what the city had to offer.

Here are some of my favorite places, and some places I hope to explore next time, too.


Southern Pressed Juicery | Biscuit Head | Caviar and Bananas | Soby’s | The Donut Experiment | White Duck Taco | Hampton Station  | Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe | Maple Street Biscuit Company | Sidewall Pizza

Methodical Coffee | The Village Grind | Due South Coffee | Port City Java

One of our most favorite parts of the trip, was seeing so many family members that we haven’t seen for years AND my kids discovering they had even more cousins! It was fun to see the kids play together and get caught up with family.

It also wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share the houses I creeped (er…explored!) in different parts of town. I’m a sucker for southern architecture, and Greenville didn’t disappoint! I love the lush greenery, big trees, big yards, and some big ass houses! Oh, and the front porches are what my southern dreams are made of.

I’ll definitely be back to Greenville for some more exploring! I was really hoping to see the Clemson University campus (hello, national football champions!), but that will have to wait until next time.

Until we meet again, Greenville,





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