A few years ago, I took a trip to Atlanta, by myself, for a conference. It was the first time I had ever gone on a trip alone, and it was literally a GAME CHANGER. I’m a total introvert and tend to thrive when I have time to myself to think, do my own thing and just be on my own schedule. With that being said, I missed my husband and babies so much and couldn’t wait to get home, but this trip, for sure, was exactly the re-charge I needed to round out 2018.

As you know, I’m a wife to a very busy (and badass!) firefighter, mom to two very active little ones, and a full-time realtor #bosslady. Finding time “alone” is hard, let alone flying to another city by myself. Thankfully, I have the best husband ever and he’s a total supporter of my little escapes. I’ve made a promise to myself to take one “solo trip” a year. Only 3-4 days away, but it’s the best thing for me to re-charge.

One of my favorite #bossladies is Landyn of Living With Landyn, an online lifestyle blog based out of Nashville. She’s a total badass and I honestly think we could be best friends. (In my own little world, of course!)

Landyn decided to host a “Landyn’s Favorite Things” Holiday/Charity event this year in Nashville. I jumped all over this opportunity and ended up landing a VIP ticket to her event (that sold out in less than 10 minutes!). I figured this was my chance for my “yearly getaway”. I had been to Nashville one other time (ironically for another event Landyn did in 2017). and couldn’t wait to get back.

I LOVE Nashville. I don’t know if it’s the laid back hipster vibe, beautiful scenery, good ol’ southern charm, or what, but it’s seriously one of my favorite cities. Hopefully you tagged along with me on IG stories so you got to see a glimpse into everything I got to see. Not only do I love exploring different parts of the city, I love driving the countryside and looking at homes. Not sure if it’s the *realtor* in me or what, but looking at houses in other cities definitely tops my list of my favorite things to do while traveling.

I put together a list below of some of the neighborhoods I explored and some of my favorite spots. By no means is this an all-inclusive list, just some places I thought were cute (I’m a millennial, duh, they had to photograph well) and had a great experience at.

Some of my favorite spots:

12 South

The Gulch

Vanderbilt/Hillsboro Village



My “solo trips” always tend to be a last minute decision, so hopefully for 2019 I can put a little more thought into where I go. I’m thinking maybe a beach? Relaxing on the beach, by myself, reading a book and drinking a margarita definitely sounds like something I could do.  Already looking forward to my trip next year!



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